April brings IVY ROBB to the Lyric!

//April brings IVY ROBB to the Lyric!
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Ivy Robb Exhibit at the Lyric

Minnesota based artist, Ivy Aloa Robb, is self taught and well versed in many mediums including oil, acrylic, ink, and graphite, with her favorite and most popular medium being watercolor and mixed mediums. She enjoys portraiture in particular but also enjoys capturing the beauty of nature.

She has been painting and drawing since an early age, but picked up art seriously in 2015 where she began sharing her art with the community as well as participating in Land of the Loon that same year.

She has also auctioned off her work to raise funds for the Arthritis National Research Foundation.
Her work is often influenced by her personal struggle with mental health, but also the beautiful
relationship between human existence and nature. When she is not painting she is writing poetry,
reading, or bird watching.