FlowerScapes by Margie Helstrom

//FlowerScapes by Margie Helstrom
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Margie Helstrom calls herself, “an artist who puzzles, reacts, responds and organizes.  My work is inspired by everything and anything; physical and ethereal.  I am forever in awe of the beauty in nature and that strongly influences my art. I work in layers, continually adding and subtracting and I do not have a predetermined idea of what my painting will look like in the end.  I like and loathe that element of surprise.”

From the child playing on a large crag of rocks by my house and adventures in a creek in my neighborhood, to the adult traveling to my homeland of Norway; I have loved to explore.  I welcome change and new ways of doing things.  Painting is exercising my spiritual self; it is a place for me to play and take risks. Painting is a way for me to explore with color, line, pattern and design.  I am in a perpetual quest to bring beauty and merriment through my art.