Cloud Factory by Kathy McTavish

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The feature artist for March is, Kathy McTavish, a media composer, cellist and installation artist whose work blends data, text, code, sound and abstract, layered moving images.  McTavish has created installations for both traditional gallery spaces and for non-traditional spaces as well.  She believes art has the potential to open subliminal, submerged aspects of ourselves ::: to foster reflection and transformation.  Her successful year long solo exhibition, “chance” recently concluded at the Tween Museum of Arts.

McTavish said her recent work, “In 2018 I furthered my exploration of possible physical manifestations of the networked “ze.” I augmented the print production (ink & paper objects) with stitch renderings made by a computer-driven robotic long-arm quilting machine. I mapped code to cloth. Work shown in 2019 will incorporate these ink & needle / stitch objects into the immersive light and sound environment.”

The exhibit will include a set of chrome base computers that render synchronized animations and weave together sound fragments into an immersive cross-sensory experience. Algorithmically-generated quilts, books and prints will be available in the space as well ::: physical manifestations of the machine chorus. Quilted wall hangings and books will be available for sale.