“PUP CULTURE” by Angie Arden & Stephanie Johnson

//“PUP CULTURE” by Angie Arden & Stephanie Johnson
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Angie Arden & Stephanie Johnson

For the month of September the Lyric First Stage Gallery is proudly featuring an exhibit of paintings & prose titled, “Pup Culture,” by an extraordinarily talented mother/daughter team, Stephanie Johnson and Angie Arde, the Wolfflow Artists!



Pup Culture is a collaboration of paintings and poetry in HOWLku (variation of haiku) form.
A wolf howl possesses great power; the power of beginning, the power of flow.
FLOW is WOLF spelled backwards:  The synchronistic evidence in word form as it is in our ecosystem.
This is a call to awaken…
As artists, we hope our work will inspire a deeper understanding of the wolf.  We want to introduce ‘wolfflow’ as a concept to consider in a larger scope and inward sense.
In our work together we shed light on the unique and cohesive organizational structure of the wolf pack.  In this series, our focus emphasizes the wolf family as it raises and protects the pup.
We celebrate the wild innocence of the wolf species by revealing their dynamic way of life and survival through the pup.
Visit the Lyric on Fridays and Saturdays from 11:00 to 3:00, throughout the month of September, to experience the “Pup Culture” first hand!  (Masks are required, with an occupancy maximum of 10  inside the First Stage Gallery.)

*We would like to thank The International Wolf Center in Ely MN and The Wildlife Science Center in Stacy MN as sources of inspiration for our work.  We appreciate their caring dedication to protect wolves for future generations, while providing education and interaction with the public.
We recommend all guests and enthusiasts of our work to support these outstanding organizations.
The Wolfflow Artists, 
Angie Arden & Stephanie Johnson